June Meeting Recap


Post meeting recap. To help communication amongst the club I will be sending out an email the Friday after every meeting. In this email will be a QUICK recap of the meeting, friendly reminders, and any new or upcoming info. We have had some great new discussion so PLEASE don't use this as a substitute to joining the meetings (2nd Thursday of every month).And like always our full exact meeting minutes as per required for a non for profit organization are posted to our website.



  • -we talked about how insurance is backed and from this point forward will be tracking all important bills and race deadline dates and adding those into the meeting minutes. 
  • -Bathroom update. Waiting on plumbing. As soon as that is in we will get a pad poured and the walls up.
  • -once the bathrooms are done we will be raising the header height of the green pole barn to fit the new trailer inside.
  • -Guy Hullinger stepped up and joined the board as Referee.
  • -the fair booths are on hold. Elkhart wants them maned the whole time, which we are unavailable to do at this time and we are still on hold at noble county. 
  • -we talked about increasing camaraderie amongst the club, so on July 17th (Sunday) we are having a member ride day at the club with possible lunch being served. More info to come, but it's going to very laid back, so please mark it in your schedule. 
  • -we talked about getting a new loop put in, along with re arrowing/finishing/connecting the old tight/single track trail that starts behind the green pole barn. 



I'm sure there is info and discussion I'm missing from the meetings as this is just a quick down and dirty recap,so please join them. At the end of these emails I will be listing contact info from the board so it readily available.This weekend,Saturday, their is a D14 family enduro @ mathews. I know a few of the club members are goin. 


-Seth Terry-




(This will go to the whole board to see)


Seth (general questions)




Jim (general questions) 




Mark (treasure/dues/application questions)


(574) 329-0115


Mont  (Meeting minutes/ access to website questions)




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