Work day

The scheduled workday had wonderful weather and many members took advantage by getting out on the trail and removing alot of winter debris and Marking trail. A good four mile trail was ridden in well after cleanup.  Members also spent time picking up garbage along the fence and cleaning up the pavilion area.   Read more

New Membership Agreements, Waivers and Dues

Rider's MC is working with to administrate and autheticate our waivers.  This is the same company the AMA uses for their annual Youth competition waivers.  All members will need to sign a new membership agreement and member waiver as well as their spouses.  Minors must have both parents fill out the waiver for their children.  One waiver can be used for all minors in the family but both parents will have to each sign one. Read more

Update AMA Information

We are getting ready for the 2024 year and that means renewing our AMA Charter.  One of the charter requirements is listing the members and their AMA #s and Expration Dates.  I have most of our members information but lack the current Expiration Dates of the membership. Updating your AMA information it will expedite the renewal process.  Thank you. Read more

Work points submission


To submit work points to the Treasurer, use the form below.  After you submit your dates you will get an email receipt.  Read more

Gobbler and Turkey Creek Enduro Photos

Riders Motorcycle Club

The Rider's MC would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in our recent Turkey Creek Enduro Events.  The weather was the best it's been in years. Read more

New Gate Code for 2023


The gate code for the Ligonier property will be changed the after the first week in April.  If your dues were paid you should have gotten an email with the Gate Code.  If you have not paid yet, an email was sent offering payment options.  We will also be taking dues at the upcoming meeting April13, 2023 at 7:30 PM in New Paris, Indiana at the Sunnyside Pavilion. Read more