Great weekend weather for riding

The weather looks to be great this weekend as we reopen the property to members.  I don't know the gate code but I am sure I will find someone that has it.


Hey Monte could you forward this to our club members. I’ll work on getting all the members emails so I don’t have to keep bugging you! 
-Seth Terry-


Riders Motorcycle Club’s liability insurance is now back and active for the property and the gate code is back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience, but during that time we were unable to have anyone riding, working, or even walking on the property. 


Moving forward we plan to organize all significant deadlines into a month by month “due date” basis and include the next coming months deadlines into the the meeting minutes. This not only includes our property liability renewal, but other important deadlines like D14/D17 sanctioning, race insurance, race application, and post race referee deadlines. Some of these are small but as previously seen can really impact the club. Jim and I hope this will help not only organize the club now, but for future board administrations.


As a general reminder please remember, if you bring a non-member/friend, they MUST sign a release form EVERYTIME. Only members sign the “ride in sheet.” With the new renewal of liability insurance this process has came up. In the near future I believe we may have a lock box that we would like to have people their friends’ release form into however that is currently still being worked up. 


June 9th (2nd Thursday of every month like always) is our next meeting @7:30pm in New Paris,IN. We REALLY want members to attend these meetings. At these meetings is where new discussion happens and ideas on how the club moves forward and without a majority of the members being present we don’t get a full picture of what the club wants and needs. It’s understood that this is a volunteer club and the mid week evening meetings can be difficult on family life, so I would like to add if anyone at all has any questions or concerns  or would even just like to express how they want to see the club move toward feel free to email/call/text. (Email/numbers listed below)

(This will go to the whole board to see)


Seth (general questions)



Jim (general questions)



Mark (treasure/dues/application questions)

(574) 329-0115


Monte (website questions)



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